The Harvest Gardens

the Gardens
The Harvest Gardens Project in Oklahoma City

The Harvest Gardens is a new community gardening project in Oklahoma City. We are believing that this project will engage our community, provide garden training and organic food for people in need.

We are also partnering with organizations that help, protect and equip marginalized women in Oklahoma City. Our goals are to teach women gardening skills, develop true friendships and most of all to love our neighbor well.

For more information on The Gardens check out the blog at The Gardens


9 thoughts on “The Harvest Gardens

  1. I have absolutely no idea how you found a blog that I created years ago and literally have not a single post in (staging and the stage), but I’m glad that for whatever reason you found it and chose to follow it. Cuz I then came and looked here.
    This idea is incredible, and it very closely resembles an idea that my mom and I had thought about doing in NY. It’s so much more impactfull to give the gift of freedom through practical skills and opportunities than just charity. I love all of the different elements you want to incorporate into the building. Absolutely inspiring! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this!!

  2. I am so glad that God called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light and that you are using your life to reach out to women still in darkness. I’m praying God’s blessings on all your plans and efforts.

  3. Hi Malika!! 🙂 You’re name is a testimony for me within its self! Recently I have been considering Malik a name for my first born when ever that day comes. As I already have been given that name and the sex of the child by God; and many confirmations by other people. Thank you for finding my blog and sharing your page! So many times we are bombarded with so much junk that to find meaningful works of art is truly unimaginable. But today was another wake up call from God; who has been letting His children know (in so many mysterious ways) that there is unity in Christ to be sought. We must continue to encourage and support one another in these hard times and in good times. Please feel free to follow my blog also. I am working on a new one but that is still in the making and will remain active. Anywho, sending my love in Christ from New York. God bless you always!

    1. Oh My gosh, thank you so much for the encouragement and I absolutely LOVE your blog. I love the visualize artistry and poetic ministry. God bless you and your ministry. Also Malik means King and messenger of God. I hated my name was so unusual as a child until I became a bit older and I’ve fallen in love with it and its meaning, Queen or Messenger of God. So clearly that is an amazing destiny and purpose on this child God is bringing into the world!!!!! Much love and to you and NYC who still has my heart a bit, and Blessings always!!!

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