Moving Forward

IMG_2946We can face certain circumstances or events in life, and then find it difficult to move forward. Sometimes we are even afraid to have hope in case we are disappointed. However, hope is not something to fear but to draw strength from as we take our next step.

We are made for movement. We were created to walk with God in the cool of the day. We bear the image of the infinite God of the universe so we can have a relationship with Him and reign in life.

God made us in His image, placed us on the planet and built us for mission. Even when things went sideways, God sent the rescue plan in the form of His precious only son. Jesus came to earth to rescue, redeem, restore and reconnect us back to the Father.

As we receive Jesus, we receive hope that does not disappoint. In Him we have endless life, abundant grace and the gift of righteousness. Now we can get up one more time knowing that we are not alone. God is with us, for us and on our side and He is able to do through us abundantly more than we can hope, think or ask.

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