photo (96)We can have a million things to do and forget the one thing to be. If we don’t take moments to rest and simply be in the present, we will only be a person in motion, not a person moving forward.

We were made for communion with our creator, healthy relationships with others and a wonderful destiny to steward. Somehow we lost our way but God didn’t leave us disconnected.

Love incarnate came to earth and embraced us, healed us and set us free. Jesus rescued us when He took our place at the cross so we could have His place as the ‘beloved’ child of God. Now we can simply receive His gift of righteousness and be God’s very own children.

The more we sit at the feet of our Lord Jesus and receive love, the more we will become people of love. As we take moments through our day to listen to the Spirit’s guiding we will intuitively know which paths to take and which decisions to make. As we become people who receive the abundant supply of grace for today, we will step into all that God has for us since the beginning.

Ephesians 2:10 (The Voice) – For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago.

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